Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday, March 3, 2014
Dear Family!!!! 

Things are going pretty well here in Iasi. Sorry momma, but I still haven't taken many pictures. I'll try to work on that!! The only thing I have heard is that Ukraine is having some riots, but I didn't know that they have started moving the missionaries out of Ukraine. That's some pretty crazy stuff!!! It's weird that it is so close too. Well this new convert is named Danuti. He is about 19 or so. Well for last p-day we went bowling. We were thinking of doing the same this week but we might just end up going to the church and play some games. We'll see. The weather is terrible. It's not snowing anymore, but everyday is just cloudy, and gloomy skies. It's really taking it's toll on me too. I miss the sun. I haven't really seen it for a month or two. It's funny that the weather can have such an effect on me!!! 
Anyways, this week I would say that the main things that have happened are that we had zone training meeting. Pretty typical zone training meeting. It was fun seeing a lot of other missionaries though. My whole galati district is still in this zone, so I was able to see everyone that was in Galati. That was fun. The other main thing this week is that we have been meeting with this kid named Keyvun (Kevin). Keyvun isn't his real name. It's his "rapper" name. Keyvun wants to be a rapper someday. He is pretty determined too. He is learning english so that he can learn how to rap in english. He knows english pretty well so we usually talk with each other in english. We have met with him a couple of times. Usually when we meet with him he just wants to talk about music and english, but this past time we talked with him he said that he actually wanted to talk about the gospel!! French and I weren't expecting it at all, but we were able to pull together a pretty good lesson. It was really cool!!! 
I'm still working hard to find people to teach. It's been great though here in Iasi. I feel like there are more and more opportunities here. It's been good. 

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