Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Custom made european shoe next to my old shoe!

Left to Right
Sora Cook, Elder Monroe, Elder Hollist

Elder Barney, Elder  Farnworth

View from apartment in Craiova

Dinner at Ruby Tuesdays!!

Tuesday, March 26

I'm glad  you guys are all doing pretty good!!  So, Elder Davis is from Utah (like many of us missionaries here) and apparently his favorite color is Blue and he prefers Pirates over ninjas! Also he has a great sense of humor.  I really hope that I get to serve in Moldova again. I missed out on a lot of things in Moldova. It isn't really common for people to go back to Moldova after they have served there . . . but it's also never heard of for someone to only serve there for 4 weeks ha ha so I'm hoping that president will eventually let me to go back! I'll definitely send you pictures of the Easter coloring that I will do! But by the time I get the package and actually color the eggs I'm sure It will be my Birthday!! ha ha Geez my birthday is just around the corner! But even better than that is Mothers Day is even sooner (by like 3 days or something like that) which means I get to Skype you guys soon!!! It seems only yesterday that I Skyped you guys for Christmas!! Time really is flying by! This past week I just passed my 7 month mark! WAAHOO!!! 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday  March 18, 2013

I LOVE YOU ALL SO SO MUCH!!!!! So basically I found out about transfers. I'm actually not that happy about it at the moment ha ha So on Friday we got the transfer board and found out about where we are all going. Elder Hollist is going to Bucharest and I was supposed to stay here in Chisinau with a Romanian elder named Elder Groberg and a Russian elder named Elder Farnworth. So I was going to be in a 3-some here . . . but then on Saturday in the morning I got a call from President Hill and I'm getting moved out of Chisinau. Apparently there was an Elder in the MTC who backed out of coming here at the last second . . . and so there was an extra spot in Romania for the elder who was supposed to come. So I'm getting booted out of Chisinau and heading to a city called Craiova. My companion is going to be Elder Davis from my MTC group so I'm kind of excited to be with him. But I'm just sad to be leaving this place. I mean, I'm more sad than anything to be leaving the Elders who stay here in Moldova and our awesome investigator Elena. But hey I guess that's the life of the missionary ha ha

Speaking of Elena, basically she is progressing really well!! If it wasn't for her Husband living in Russia she would be baptized by now. Earlier this week we were having a lesson with her about her life and such and she just starting breaking down in tears . . . so we told her about priesthood blessings and she said that she wanted one. So she asked Elder Farnworth to give her a blessing and it was super super cool!! I mean, it was in Russian so I didn't understand what he was saying, but you could still feel the Spirit there!! Spirit works in all languages ha ha :)

Oh and speaking of blessings, I got the opportunity to give a blessing today! We were playing basketball earlier today for P-day and Elder Hollist kind of fell and rolled his ankle really bad. It was super super swollen (and still is). Anywho, later today he had asked for us to give him a blessing just to make sure that nothing would happen from it. So he asked me to give the blessing!! It was super cool!! Giving blessings are super awesome!! I mean, I have only given like 2 blessings in my life but still ha ha they are super awesome and it's amazing to be able to hold the Priesthood to be able to give blessings!!! 

Thanks for all the support you guys have for me!! :) :) 

From Chisinau, Moldova to Craiova, Romania

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Monday   March 4, 2013

Things are warming up so it's turning into spring!! Yay!! I hate the cold ha ha I still haven't started on my goal to learn the Russian alphabet . . . there just isn't a whole lot of time to do it!! I'll get to it eventually. We have a washer so we don't go anywhere to get it washed (thankfully)!! We actually have a new apartment so it's pretty nice. Although the day after we had moved in our shower got clogged up so we had to take showers out of the bathroom sink for like a week or so. But now it's fixed and we have a shower! :) The branch here is about the size of the one in Constanta. Give or take a couple people. Elder Hollist is from Georgia but he lived up in New York for when he was going to school. So in Moldova there are like 14 missionaries here. 4 of us are Romanian speakers and the rest are all Russian speakers.

Well we basically have one awesome investigator going for us right now! Her name is Elena and she is super cool. Her husband works in Russia, her oldest son is in Ukraine, and her other son lives with her here in Chisinau! So we have been teaching her and she is progressing really well! She has been to church the past two weeks and she has been reading from the Book of Mormon!! YAY!! We are just hoping that in the next few visits we have with her she can really start to see that this church is really Christ's only true church!! So I will keep you updated as far as that goes! 

Friday, March 1, 2013

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I feel like it has been forever since I have written you guys! So yeah I am now here in Moldova! Moldova is actually pretty different from Romania. I'm basically in another state of "culture shock" like how I was when I first came to Romania from the MTC. I mean, they use different money here, people are speaking Russian left and right, I don't know where anything is in the city, and people who speak Romanian here have an accent so it's pretty difficult to understand what anyone says sometimes! Geez just when I started feeling like I got the hang of things I get thrown into a place where I can hardly do anything ha ha It's a little bit frustrating, but I'm still glad to be here. I mean, not many people get to serve here in Moldova so I'm excited to just be here!

Speaking of serving the members, I gave a talk in church this past sunday! We got into the country Saturday morning and then we went over to a member of the branch president's house for lunch. Then when we were over there he was just like "Oh by the way, can you talk in church tomorrow for like 8 minutes?". So yeah I gave a talk in church! Now I probably won't have to give one for a while ha ha But church is definitely different here in Moldova! Basically it was in both Russian and Romanian. I mean lots of people understand both languages, but some people prefer to speak one language and others prefer to speak the other language! It was kind of weird when we were singing the hymns in sacrament meeting because both languages were being sung at the same time! But it also makes it difficult to understand. Like in Sunday school the teacher was speaking in Russian but some people would answer her questions in Romanian while others answered in Russian. So it kind hard just sitting in church for 3 hours when basically most of the time I have no idea what's going on (like I wrote earlier, culture shock!). Oh I took my first "sleeper train" to get to Moldova!! The train left at 7:45 at night and then we got to Chisinau at like 10 the next morning. It was pretty fun. Basically all of us decided to stay up all night and just talk ha ha yeah I probably slept for like an hour and a half on that train! It definitely made the past couple of days make me more tired than usual!! But it was fun ha ha :)

Well that's basically all I have for now!!! Moldova is definitely different and pretty difficult right now, but I'm sure I'll get over the difficult part soon (hopefully!!) ha ha I love you all SOOOOOOO much!!!!