Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday  March 18, 2013

I LOVE YOU ALL SO SO MUCH!!!!! So basically I found out about transfers. I'm actually not that happy about it at the moment ha ha So on Friday we got the transfer board and found out about where we are all going. Elder Hollist is going to Bucharest and I was supposed to stay here in Chisinau with a Romanian elder named Elder Groberg and a Russian elder named Elder Farnworth. So I was going to be in a 3-some here . . . but then on Saturday in the morning I got a call from President Hill and I'm getting moved out of Chisinau. Apparently there was an Elder in the MTC who backed out of coming here at the last second . . . and so there was an extra spot in Romania for the elder who was supposed to come. So I'm getting booted out of Chisinau and heading to a city called Craiova. My companion is going to be Elder Davis from my MTC group so I'm kind of excited to be with him. But I'm just sad to be leaving this place. I mean, I'm more sad than anything to be leaving the Elders who stay here in Moldova and our awesome investigator Elena. But hey I guess that's the life of the missionary ha ha

Speaking of Elena, basically she is progressing really well!! If it wasn't for her Husband living in Russia she would be baptized by now. Earlier this week we were having a lesson with her about her life and such and she just starting breaking down in tears . . . so we told her about priesthood blessings and she said that she wanted one. So she asked Elder Farnworth to give her a blessing and it was super super cool!! I mean, it was in Russian so I didn't understand what he was saying, but you could still feel the Spirit there!! Spirit works in all languages ha ha :)

Oh and speaking of blessings, I got the opportunity to give a blessing today! We were playing basketball earlier today for P-day and Elder Hollist kind of fell and rolled his ankle really bad. It was super super swollen (and still is). Anywho, later today he had asked for us to give him a blessing just to make sure that nothing would happen from it. So he asked me to give the blessing!! It was super cool!! Giving blessings are super awesome!! I mean, I have only given like 2 blessings in my life but still ha ha they are super awesome and it's amazing to be able to hold the Priesthood to be able to give blessings!!! 

Thanks for all the support you guys have for me!! :) :) 

From Chisinau, Moldova to Craiova, Romania

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