Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tuesday, March 26

I'm glad  you guys are all doing pretty good!!  So, Elder Davis is from Utah (like many of us missionaries here) and apparently his favorite color is Blue and he prefers Pirates over ninjas! Also he has a great sense of humor.  I really hope that I get to serve in Moldova again. I missed out on a lot of things in Moldova. It isn't really common for people to go back to Moldova after they have served there . . . but it's also never heard of for someone to only serve there for 4 weeks ha ha so I'm hoping that president will eventually let me to go back! I'll definitely send you pictures of the Easter coloring that I will do! But by the time I get the package and actually color the eggs I'm sure It will be my Birthday!! ha ha Geez my birthday is just around the corner! But even better than that is Mothers Day is even sooner (by like 3 days or something like that) which means I get to Skype you guys soon!!! It seems only yesterday that I Skyped you guys for Christmas!! Time really is flying by! This past week I just passed my 7 month mark! WAAHOO!!! 

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