Sunday, March 17, 2013

Monday   March 4, 2013

Things are warming up so it's turning into spring!! Yay!! I hate the cold ha ha I still haven't started on my goal to learn the Russian alphabet . . . there just isn't a whole lot of time to do it!! I'll get to it eventually. We have a washer so we don't go anywhere to get it washed (thankfully)!! We actually have a new apartment so it's pretty nice. Although the day after we had moved in our shower got clogged up so we had to take showers out of the bathroom sink for like a week or so. But now it's fixed and we have a shower! :) The branch here is about the size of the one in Constanta. Give or take a couple people. Elder Hollist is from Georgia but he lived up in New York for when he was going to school. So in Moldova there are like 14 missionaries here. 4 of us are Romanian speakers and the rest are all Russian speakers.

Well we basically have one awesome investigator going for us right now! Her name is Elena and she is super cool. Her husband works in Russia, her oldest son is in Ukraine, and her other son lives with her here in Chisinau! So we have been teaching her and she is progressing really well! She has been to church the past two weeks and she has been reading from the Book of Mormon!! YAY!! We are just hoping that in the next few visits we have with her she can really start to see that this church is really Christ's only true church!! So I will keep you updated as far as that goes! 

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