Monday, December 2, 2013

Monday, December 2, 2013
Dear Family!

Hello there everyone!! It's great to hear from you all again. This week has been pretty crazy training and being in a new city. It's kind of weird but cool at the same time. We are in a new city and the apartment that I am at was only moved into by the missionaries like a week before I did because the mission got new apartments. So the last missionaries didn't really give me any information about where to go for things or anything like that. The nice thing though is that we live right across from the church! That's nice. My companions name is Elder Duker from Iowa.  Basically some things I have found out about him is: he has studied latin since he was 10, he was homeschooled, he has a yeast allergy (so no breads!), and he is just pretty quiet most of the time.  For thanksgiving I didn't really do a whole lot of stuff. We had to go to the visa office to help my companion get a visa so that he can stay in the country. I didn't have any thanksgiving meal of any sort. The only cool thing that happened for Thanksgiving was that Pres Hill gave us permission to watch a movie. So all of the Buch missionaries got together and watched Monster's University. It was super super good!!! I can't really say it was better than Monsters Inc but it was still a really good and funny movie. I still haven't gotten the Thanksgiving package but I think that now that I'm in Buch I have to go to the office to see if there is any mail for me. So I will go and see sometime this week if there is a package for me. I'm glad to hear that all of you had a pretty fun Thanksgiving!! I'm glad to hear that Jourdan is back!! He sent me an email so I will have to see what he wrote. Tell him that I say hello when you go for his homecoming! 
Let's see what else is new . . . there was a cool activity here in Buch last saturday because sunday was the Independence Day of Romania. There was a cool party at one of the churches where there was lots of Romanian food and dancing. It was a lot of fun. Then on sunday we had church which was pretty good. It was pretty weird going to an actual chapel to go to church. Buch is one of the 3 cities in romania that has a chapel. It was pretty nice. For sacrament meeting I had to translate, which meant that I held a microphone in my hand and attempted to translate while the romanians were getting up and bearing their testimonies. There's a couple of people who don't know romanian so that's why we have to do the translations. It was pretty rough at some points but still pretty good. The best part about church though was after sunday school all the members gathered together in the chapel and then we all started singing the national anthem of Romania for their independence day. It was SUPER COOL!! 
I love you so so much!

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