Monday, December 16, 2013

Monday, December 16, 2013
Dear Family!! 

Hello there everyone!!! Well I guess to start i'll just write a couple of things that happened this week. This week I did an exchange with an actual romanian!! It's the only romanian native missionary here in the whole mission. His name is Elder Grigore. The reason why we did the exchange is because he was in this area last transfer and there is this family that he was working with. Well since he still wanted to work with the family he got permission from Pres Hill to do exchanges with me so that he can still work with this family. I mean, Grigore is just on the other side of Buch so it's not like it is a major problem. The man of the family though (George) was at the hospital this past week so all we did was just visit him at the hospital. So I had my first chance to be in a hospital in Romania this past week! Definitely different than the hospitals back home. Actually I had the chance to go to two different hospitals. Once was with Grigore to meet with George, and then the other hospital we went to was to give a blessing to this kid named Christian. We got a call from one of the members asking us to come over and give a blessing to Christian. And the pair of elders they call is us who have no idea how to get around the city at all. But I mean it's for a blessing so we just head out with the vague directions we were given and just started to find the right hospital. After a little time (and much asking around for directions) we make it to the hospital. The sign on the hospital says "hospital for infectious diseases" . . . that's not a very promising place you want to go to. Especially because it's Romania. Who knows what different types of infectious diseases are here!! So we start walking in and of course the workers at the hospital kept telling us that we weren't allowed in because it was after visiting hours, but after telling them that we were there for a blessing they eventually let us in. That was nice. Then we go and give this sick little 7,8 year old kid a blessing. It was actually pretty cool. Then on Sunday I found out that the kid is back at home feeling a lot better. That was nice to hear too. On Saturday we had this little Christmas Concert that we put on as missionaries. We just got together at the chapel at Mihai Bravu and sang tons of Christmas carols. Elder Duker played the organ. President Hill got up and sang "If I were a Rich Man" from the Fiddler on the Roof. Not really Christmasy, but it was really entertaining to see my mission president with this big fake beard on, dancing around with a broomstick. And of course, Elder Knapp conducted the Choir and sang this awesome solo! Speaking of Elder Knapp, he is leaving back home this week. Today all of Buch had a lunch so that we all could see Elder Knapp and the rest of his MTC group leave. It was definitely weird saying goodbye to all of them and taking my last pictures with them. I will send them later this week! 

I'm glad you liked the pictures that I sent! Actually I'm waiting to get my suit until after Christmas because that's when the sales happen. You know, gotta shop smart and everything. Plus it's not like I'm really needing a suit before Christmas is over anyways. Speaking of Christmas...It's practically here!!! I'll be Skyping you guys soon enough!!! I think what we are trying to do is Skype in the evening time (meaning morning for you guys) on Christmas day. I don't really know the exact time though because I have to coordinate with my companion. I'll fill you guys in on the details of that later though. It sounds like Jourdan is doing great! I'm really glad to hear that he really loved his mission. It must be weird for him being home. Geez momma if you are crying about me now then I can only imagine how many gallons of tears are going to come when I meet you all at the airport! That'll be crazy! Sadly we aren't really teaching anyone. This week Elder Grigore and I are going to try and do an exchange again so that we can teach that one family. But hey the great news is that President Hill is letting us watch 2 movies for Christmas! Hobbit 2 anyone?! I'm not sure when but I'll be watching two movies during these holidays. That'll be fun!! Yeah make sure you keep me updated on that whole Skype account thingy. 

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