Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tuesday, December 10, 2013
So here are a couple of pictures that I have taken!! 

The first one is just of me sitting on this little ledge thingy. Bucharest has these little river things going through it so I just took a picture next to one. 

The other picture is of my companion, Elder Duker, and I. This was at that Christmas festival where I ate those fish last year with Elder Knapp. I was going to eat the fish again but nobody there was selling them :( 
Elder Barney

Elder Barney and Elder Duker

Okay so after going to the Christmas festival thing we decided to go to this grocery store called Profi. The only reason why is because this new store opened up for the holidays that is made entirely of ice!! All the shelves and walls were ice!! 

And so just for fun I decided to lick the side of the store. It was pretty legit!! 

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