Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday,  June 30, 2014
Dear Everyone!!! 

Hey momma!!! This week has been pretty good. It's been a lot of apartment searching... which has been a little frustrating!! We looked online at some apartments through this real estate agency and when we found one that we actually wanted to look at we tried calling the agency... and nobody answers! We've sent them emails and kept calling them but they don't seem to want to respond to us. So we are still searching for an apartment for the sisters. That's probably what we are going to do later today. So yesterday we got a text from the AP's saying that President Ivory got into the mission and is offically the mission president! President Hill left the country today. That's really weird to think about!!! There haven't been any crazy announcements of big rule changes or anything like that... but who knows what's going to happen!! But yeah it's super crazy how the mission is winding down!! I'm glad to hear that you guys have started making signs for me!!! That'll be fun to see when I get back :) It sounds like it's a HUGE sign!!!  I forgot to write about the whole jury duty thing that you sent me!! I think that's hilarious!! I hope you kept the letter so that I can read it myself when I get back! ha ha Well I miss  you tons momma!! :) 

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