Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday, February 3, 2014
Hello there family! 

Well I'm glad that everyone is doing well!! Yeah the dead of winter is just terrible. One night it got to -18 degrees Celsius, which is like -4 degrees Fahrenheit or something like that. Super duper freezing!! The cold sort of affects everything dealing with missionary work. Like we have been trying to do english classes this transfer, but with the snow only 2 people show up. One person is an advanced student and the other is super beginner. So we can't really have a good english class with that to work with... so we aren't going to be doing english for this transfer. I feel like english is the most "fun" way that I have done missionary work and now I haven't really been able to do it for 2 transfers or so. Oh well. The only missionary work that I feel like we have been doing lately that has been effective at all is that we have been helping members shovel snow. It's not a whole lot, but it's something. Yeah I haven't really taken any pictures lately. I have taken a couple of how much snow we have gotten but other than that I haven't really taken any. I'll try to take some more though! Oh and when I said that we have a missionary as a branch president, I meant that the missionary is as old as I am. In fact, it's Elder Rose from my MTC district. So that's a little different. Yeah I was able to watch Frozen! It was really good. I liked it a lot. 
Geez I can't believe that I have missed another super bowl! Well I guess I should say that I have missed another round of super bowl commercials because that's really why I watch the super bowl ha ha hopefully there will be some good ones next year!! . I've just been getting used to a whole city having just a handful of members to make a branch! It's just funny that back home there are just soooooo many members of the church. Even though it's freezing cold outside, I still love being here in Romania!! I love the people and I love the chance to be here for two whole years... even if I only have 6 months left. I feel like these next 6 months are just going to fly by. 

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