Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday, February 17, 2014

Well this week was a pretty eventful week, I guess you could say. We had interviews with President Hill. It's always fun to be able to meet up with him and talk with him for a little bit. I think the biggest piece of news though that I have this week is that we got the transfer board... and I'm getting moved. AGAIN!!! I went to Bucharest for 6 weeks and then moved me to Galati, and now after 6 weeks in Galati I'm being moved again!! Geez it's like President doesn't know what to do with me or something!! ha ha But yeah so next week I will be in my new city. I'm going to a city called Iasi. I have been to Iasi for like a day for a meeting but other than that I haven't really been there. It's a pretty cool city from what I remember. My new companion is going to be Elder French. Elder French is awesome!! He was in my district back when I was in Buch. He is from Cedar City, so we were able to talk a lot about home and stuff like that. So now I get to have (at least) 6 weeks with him!! I'm pretty excited about that! The only sad thing is that I'm leaving my awesome district that I have here in Galati. I have had a blast with Elder Van Dyke, Middlebrook, and Rose! We all got along really great and had a fun time. 

Elders Middlebrook, Rose, Van Dyke, Barney

Transfer from Galati Romania to Iasi Romania

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