Monday, January 6, 2014

Tuesday, January 7, 2014
Dear Family!! 

Well hello there everyone!!! This week has been a pretty eventfull week. New Years was so so so much fun!!!! Basically what we did was we all got together at the church to play some cards games. Then at around 11 at night we headed over to the huge government building called casa poporului. Basically it is like the white house of Romania. You all should look up pictures of it cause it is cool!! But anyways we made our way over there and outside of casa poporului was this awesome romanian concert that was going on. We got to enjoy listening to some awesome romanian music and a legit concert before waiting for the firework show to happen at 12. Anywho, so it gets around 12 and everyone and their dog just starts counting down 10,9,8..... and then after counting down the COOLEST firework show starts going off right where casa poporului was. It was a pretty epic and really long firework show. I think it was about 20 minutes or so. I recorded it on my camera so I will have to show you guys when I get home. I tried sending it earlier but the video was just too big to send over email. But anywho, the firework show was awesome and New Years was just a blast!! Of course this week of New Years means that nobody was out and about for us to talk to about the gospel... but oh well. It was a lot of fun. 

Casa Poporului, Bucharest Romania

 I guess the other big thing that happened is that we got the new transfer board for this upcoming transfer. To my surprise, I am actually leaving Buch. It's kind of weird because I have only been here for one and I'm also training so I thought for sure that I was staying. I'm not super mad though because my next companion/district is going to be super fun!! I'm going to a city called Galati and My companion is Elder Van Dyke!!! Yup I'm going to go be with my very first MTC companion!! Then the other two missionaries in my district are really cool too. I will write more about them as next transfer happens though. 

Travel from Bucharest to Galati, Romania

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