Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tuesday, January 21, 2014
Dear Family!!
Hello there everyone!! Things are going great in Galati. I'm still doing great with Van Dyke. I'm sorry to report though that I don't think I have taken any pictures since coming to Galati!!! Sorry about that... I'll try to get some more pictures in to show you all my companion and my district! The new branch here is pretty different in the sense that we have a missionary branch president. We have about 10 or so people who come to church. No one can play the piano, but thankfully there is a piano at the church that has some of the hymns programmed into it so that we can still have some piano playing. And since I know how to work the piano I guess it makes me the pianist! How's that for not taking piano lessons!! So my district is just me, my companion, Elder Rose, and Elder Middlebrook. Elder Rose is from my MTC group. He went to Harvard before coming on the mission. He is a really relaxed and fun guy. Elder Middlebrook is a really cool guy too. He is from Australia. He actually finished all his college schooling before coming on the mission so that makes him on of the older missionaries who are out here on the mission. Our whole district is pretty cool. We don't have sisters, but I think next transfer President is going to be putting sisters here. I guess we will see. 
I love you all so so much!!! 

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