Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Monday, August 5, 2013
Dear Family!
Hello family!! It's great to hear from you (as always). Things are going pretty good here in Chisinau! We had a couple of lessons this past week. Mainly with our investigator named Dima. He's a pretty cool kid. He just can't really sit for more than 5 seconds without doing something to mess up lessons.  Oh and Dima only speaks russian which means I can't really contribute to the lessons that we have with him. Basically that is how all our lessons have been. Mainly just in Russian. Oh well!! ha ha things are going pretty good. We usually cook things together. One of our favorite meals is eating pasta with this italian sauce stuff called pesto. Throw some chicken in there and it is delicious!! We have gone out to a couple of food places, but nothing that has like "authentic moldovean food". Mainly just some pizza places and some clatite places. The weather is pretty good. I have no idea what temperature, but I'm not DYING of heat like I have in the past. So I guess it has been pretty good! No we don't have a car. Basically the only missionaries who have cars are the missionaries who serve at the mission office and the AP's. The branch here in Chisinau is a LOT bigger than the one in Craiova. We had about 65-70 people at church yesterday . . . but mainly that was because this american family showed up because the family went and picked up their missionary who was serving in Austria and then came and visited here in Moldova because one of the family members served here. But nevertheless, the branch is a lot bigger here! I actually think that there is a primary here. But I mean, it would only have like 3 kids in it. I loved everthing that was put in the package!!! Very creative (as usual!) and just a lot of good stuff!! I seriously can't believe that my halfway point of my mission is actually becoming a reality. It's kinda crazy! And from what I have heard, the second half of the mission goes even faster than the first. So we will see what happens! 
I really don't have a whole lot to say. We just keep working and going. We will see if there is more interesting stuff that happens this coming week!!! Anywho, I love you all!!!!! :)

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