Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday, August 12, 2013
Dear Family!!!
Hello there everyone!!! :) It's great to hear from all of you. Well I'm going to start off the bat by saying that I forgot my converter for pictures so I can't send you any this week!! Sorrrry (Gilly)!!! I still haven't taken any of the apartment so I will try to remember to take some. This week has been pretty good! The only lessons we have really had were basically in Russian. Hearing russian all the time and not having an opportunity to speak Romanian is definitely making my Romanian skills worse. I guess that's the difficult part of being with a companion who speaks a different language and living in a place where they mostly speak a different language. But we still have fun!!!! Actually in like a week and a half there are going to be 2 new russian speaking missionaries coming here to Moldova so President is going to have to change some companionships around. I probably won't be with Elder Farnworth anymore and who knows if I will still be in Moldova! ha ha I guess we will have to see. Church was pretty good. It was mostly in Russian, except for the Pinders who spoke in church. The Pinders were the Humanitarian missionary couple who was serving here. It was their last sunday here in Moldova so they talked. They headed back to the USA this morning. So out here in Moldova there are 3 Romanian speaking Elders and 2 Romanian speaking sisters. The other 7 Elders here in Moldova are Russian speaking elders. I haven't really heard from Elder Knapp just cause he is back in Romania, but I do know that he goes home like a week before Christmas. He hardly has any time left on the mission!! Which is crazy because I remember serving with him like it was yesterday, but in reality that was 10 months ago. That's nuts!! 
Everyday we just try finding people to teach and just do work! 
Well that's about it for me everyone!!! Have a great week this week!! I promise to send you pictures . . . soon!!!! :)

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