Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Monday, August 19, 2013
Dear Family!
Well happy hump week everyone!!!! I can't believe that thursday is my official hump day!!! PARTAY!!!!!! I will have to take a picture with my hump shirt and my awesome camel. This week we have to change things up a bit because there are 2 new russian elders coming in to the mission. So Elder Farnworth is going to train one of them and what is going to happen is that I am going to go to a different part of the city here with Elder Reid. Elder Reid right now is in a different city here in Moldova. So we are both being put into an area that we have no idea where things are ha ha Elder Reid is actually in my MTC group. Which is cool because we will be serving together on our year marks. Although, When President Hill told me all about what is going to happen, he said that I'm only going to be in Moldova for 2 more weeks (when the transfer actually ends). He said that once I leave here he is going to put me into a zone leader position somewhere else in Romania. So for now I just get to enjoy being whitewashed in a new area. I'm glad you like the pictures I sent. Yeah those european shirts really show off the gut that I have spent many meals trying to achieve! ha ha 
Well we did have this cool chance to do service this past week!! We went over to a preschool/kindergarten and helped clean up and paint some stuff!!! It was a lot of fun!! We are actually going over there again tomorrow to do some more stuff. The other elders took some pictures but I personally didn't take any. I will have to try and take some tomorrow when I'm there!!! Things are going good though. It's seems to be getting darker earlier in the day, which means that summer is coming to an end and winter is just around the corner. 
Well that is about it for me this week. I will have to send some pictures when I have the chance. I seriously can't believe that a year ago I started this journey. And in less than a year I will be done with it. I love the mission and for all the things I have learned so far, and I'm sure I will learn even more. But I can't deny the fact that I miss you guys terribly!! I can't wait to be home to enjoy being with you all. Oh well . . . that will have to wait just a little bit!! :) 


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