Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday, August 26, 2013
Well hello there everyone!!!! Yeah once again I forgot to take pictures . . . so I don't have any. Sorry!!!
Yeah so now I am with Elder Reid. We reopened a new area so no other missionaries were there but they have been there in the past. Which basically means we have no investigators!! And finding them at this time of the year is very difficult because it's right before school starts which means everyone and their dog are on vacation. So yeah we are just trying to work to find some people. We are still in Chisinau. Elder Reid is a romanian speaking missionary. Elder Reid was in my same MTC group back when I was in the MTC a year ago. 
Speaking of which, I have offically been out on my mission for longer than a year!!! PARTAY!!!!!!!!
So yeah I didn't do much of anything on my year mark. We have just been getting settled into this new part of the city and trying to move all our stuff and get everything situated. So that was what my year mark consisted of. We had a chance to go over to that Preschool and do some more service for them! We are also heading back there tomorrow to do some more service before the school year starts up (which it starts at the beginning of next month) to be honest, I can't believe this time of year is already here. I mean, before we know it I'm going to be talking to you guys on Skype for Christmas!! Oh that steak sounds SOOOOOOOOOO good right now. I haven't had a real good steak in a very long time. 

Something that has been really great about Chisinau is all the activities that we have been doing. For the past little bit there have been these awesome activites for investigators to go to and such. Like one of them is sports night which is where we all gather and play some sports. This past week our sports night consisted of awesome water gams which concluded with this awesome water balloon fight!! It was super fun. Then other activites just include playing games and having food inside the church. Activites are great just because it's a time for investigators and members and us missionaries to just hang out and have fun. We still have our english classes. Elder Reid and I don't really have an english class so we just go join Elder Farnworth and his new companion Elder Westover in their english class. We find out about transfers this week so we will see where I am going. President told me right before I was getting put with Elder Reid that I would be leaving to go be a zone leader somewhere back in Romania. So I guess we will just see what happens!! 

Well that's everything for me!! I love you all a lot!!! :) 

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