Monday, September 2, 2013

Monday, September 2, 2013
Dear Family!!!!


Hello family!! So this week was pretty good! My last full week here in Chisinau has ended!! I found out that both Elder Reid and I are leaving Chisinau!! So any guesses about where I'm going?! 

Well if you guessed somewhere in Transylvania then you are totally correct!! I'm going to go to a city called Sibiu!!! I'm actually really excited because I have heard that Sibiu is an awesome place! My companion is pretty awesome too!! His name is Elder Slemboski! I'm excited to go to Sibiu, but to be honest I'm kinda sad to be leaving Chisinau! I have had such a great time here. We have had tons of fun with different activities and stuff like that. This second time being here in Chisinau has been a lot better than the first. Actually speaking of my first time in Chisinau, Elder Hollist (my companion the first time I was here) is actually going to come back here and train a new missionary here in this area! So that's kind of cool that both Elder Hollist and I were able to come back to Moldova for a second time. Yeah so sorry about taking some pictures. I haven't really thought about taking a lot of pictures yet. I will probably do it today though just cause it is my last day here. I will definitely have to send you a letter in Romanian!!! That would be great language study for me and then you guys can try figuring out what it says ha ha :) 
Lizzy has been meeting with Elders Farnworth and Westover. Lizzy was meeting with the sisters here, but now she wants to meet with the Elders. Anywho, so when the other elders have had lessons with her they usually ask us to go and help them out with the lesson. So this past week we have had 2 lessons with them. They have been some pretty good lessons actually!! Lizzy was being taught about stuff when I was here in Moldova the first time. Back then she only believe in some "greater power". But now she actually believes that God exists! It's kind of cool to see how different of a person that she is and how much she has progressed. I can definitely see her getting baptized someday. Hopefully she continues to progress with Elders Farnworth and Westover! 

from Chisinau, Moldova to Sibiu, Romania

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