Thursday, September 12, 2013

Monday, September 9, 2013
Dear Family!!! 
This week was a pretty good week! We were in Bucharest for most of the time because of transfers and meetings. It was pretty fun though! I'm back to being a zone leader. Being a zone leader is pretty fun . . . sometimes! Ha ha We have a lot of work that we have been doing because we have meetings to plan and things to do. Actually something that are mission is going to start doing is we are going to start recording the amount of hours we contact and the amount of BOM that we give out. We are adding those numbers to the key indicators. Apparently President Hill recognizes that we hardly get any numbers during the week. Like there have been many weeks where we get all zeros and such. So he is adding these two numbers to the list so we can see how much work we are actually doing. We will see how that goes. But things should start getting not as "workfull" soon. We actually didn't take a train ride to Sibiu (pronounced Sea-Be-You) because they are working on the trains or something like that. So we took a bus there. Sibiu is a beautiful place!! I will have to take some pictures of the centru area today if we go pass there. The buildings that are here just seem more nice and clean. The branch is pretty small . . . small enough to where I got called yesterday to be the first counsellor of the branch! We have a branch president here but us Elders get put as his counsellors. So my companion is the second counsellor. Yeah that letter from Moldova was written by the Schwartz. They are the missionary senior couple who are in Chisinau. I'm glad it put a great smile on your face momma!!

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