Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Dear Family!! 

Well Happy Easter to all of you too!!!!! Easter was pretty great. Just like last year, we were able to go to an orthodox church service... at midnight!! It was great (mainly because I got to be outside past curfew)... it was a lot of fun. I did take pictures of it but I won't be able to send them right now. I'll try to send them later if I remember to do it. For our church service, we just had an hour for sacrament meeting and then afterwards the branch just went on a nice Easter sunday walk to the park. Best Idea Ever! ha ha It was all great though! After the walk we went to Sora Lidia's house (a member) and she gave us some good Romanian food. Lots of eggs! That was fun! This past week I also got what us missionaries call "The Death Call"... basically all the call is is that the mission office calls us and reminds us of our release date and asks us what airport we want to fly to. Then the ask for a parent email so that they can email you guys my travel plans (I think) and other stuff I guess. So basically if you guys get an email that tells of my travel plans, I kindly ask that you forward it to me so that I can know too!! But other than that things are still going well. We only were able to meet with Kevin once this past week. We are hoping to meet a couple more times with him this week. 

I hope you all had a great and wonderful Easter!! 

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