Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday, November 4, 2013
Dear Family!! 

Hello there everyone!! Things are still going. We started english classes this past week. The first day was a great success because our whole sacrament room was full of english students! So somewhere between 20-30 people or so. So lots of people came!!  On saturday we only had like 8 people come. But oh well. Maybe there will be more people who come on tuesday so we will just see what happens. 
It was kinda different yesterday at church because the branch president wasn't able to come . . . which since I'm the first counselor I basically was the one presiding at the meeting. Covey was the one who conducted the meeting. It was just weird that I was kind of like the "substitute leader" of the branch for a day. Gotta love small branches! 
I love you all so so so much!!!! :) 

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