Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday, November 11, 2013
Dear Family!!!

Well hello there everyone! Yeah the english classes are always good. Things are still going for us. We have had a couple of lessons this past week. 3 to be exact. Hopefully we can get at least one progressing investigator out of them. Yeah yeah I'm still trying to keep up a journal!!! I'm writing down all the good stuff that happens ha ha cause to be honest . . . I forget things pretty easily!! ha ha 
Yeah I definitely understand how a European mission is a hard one!! ha ha It sounds like Hungary and Bulgaria would be a hard one. I guess I didn't really realize that President Wilstead is like right next to Romania ha ha he is just a hop, skip, and a jump away! That's crazy though that the government won't let them go up and talk to people about the church. I mean, we don't have permission to do lots of stuff, but whatever. One thing that we have done a lot is having a "survey" to where we stop people and ask them a couple questions about churches. So yeah Europe is hard . . . but at the same time I wouldn't see myself in any other mission or place. I LOVE IT HERE!!! Yeah I was on LDS.ORG the other day and I read that stuff was going down over there in the Philippines. I'm going to have to send Tylan a little email to see what's up. That would be crazy to say that I live through a Typhoon! 
YEAH!!! Another package!!! I always love those packages!! I will definitely try to send you a picture sometime soon in the next couple of days for the Christmas Card. So transfers are going to be the day before Thanksgiving! So we will eventually get the Ensign in a hard copy but it will be a little longer before we get them. It's just kind of random on when we get them as missionaries. 
Hmm lets see what else happened this week . . . we had our interviews with President and Sora Hill this past week! It was pretty good. It's always nice meeting up with them. Another thing is that I gave another talk yesterday at church! I gave one like 2-3 weeks ago but since Sandu (the branch president) couldn't get a hold of some members, he just asked Covey and I to give some talks. So it was pretty good. I just gave a simple talk on faith. 
Love you all so so much! 

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