Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday, November 18, 2013
Dear Family!!
Hello there everyone!!! I'm glad I made your week my sending those pictures! I realize that I don't take enough pictures . . . but oh well. Maybe before my mission ends I will realize all the stuff I need to take pictures of and then just takes millions of pictures!! ha ha Yeah we are still teaching the english classes. We just teach really beginner things. Like on saturday we were teaching the phrase "I like to ..." because it's different to say it in Romanian. In Romanian they say "It pleases me to . . . " (kind of sensual right?) so we just taught them that. It was funny though because one person was like "I like to watch to TV" Cause in Romanian they would say "to TV" instead of "the TV". It's kind of funny to see how romanians would say english stuff . . . and then I remember that I probably sound the same to them with Romanian ha ha 
So this week we find out about the transfer board and then transfers are the day before thanksgiving! So to be honest I think I am going to be leaving Sibiu and go to some different city for Thanksgiving. But we will see what happens. I'll try not to open the Christmas Presents!! But I need to know . . . Am I allowed to open the box and then just some of the stuff that is wrapped up or am I just not allowed to open the package at all! I need to know these things cause there was a great miscommunication last year!! ha ha 
This week we did a ton of missionary work! We had a total of 6 lessons and 19.5 hours of contacting. The most I have ever had in a single week in both of those categories all in the same week. I'm always doing some type of missionary work with Elder Covey. I guess it's good cause we get to just work a lot. This past week the AP's came to Sibiu and I had a good exchange with Elder Davis. It was kind of fun being with him again for a day. This sunday was funny ha ha so the branch president had to be at work so I presided and conducted the meeting! It was kind of fun. Then I was basically the one teaching Sunday School. It's kind of fun to be able to serve in all these little ways that I don't think other missionaries have the chance to do. Like what other missionary has the chance to conduct, preside, bless the sacrament, and teach sunday school?! It's kind of cool :) 
The language is going good. It's always good to understand what people are saying. Like the other day we were talking to this guy on the street and he started to tell us this joke and I understood the whole joke! And I laughed super hard because it was kind of funny, but mostly because I just could understand what it was! I'll have to tell you the joke sometime. I'd write it but I don't feel like writing the whole joke. It's too workfull. I just have to soak up this opportunity to be surrounded by these natives!
Anywho, I love you tons.

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