Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday, July 22, 2013
Well hello everyone!! Well this past week we found out about what is going to happen next transfer!!! Yeah so as you guys might have guessed I am going to be leaving out of Craiova. After being here for 3 transfers I think President realized that I need to go somewhere else. And by somewhere else, I actually mean somewhere that I have actually already been to. Think about it for a second

I'm going back to Moldova!! I am going to go to Chisinau and go be a zone leader with Elder Farnworth, who is a russian speaking missionary! So yeah I am going to go back to Chisinau! It's kinda cool because back before I got put into Chisinau I was actually going to be companions with Elder Farnworth. Now I actually get to be companions with him! I'm not quite sure how I think about being zone leader though. I've obviously never been so I wouldn't really know about all the stuff I'm supposed to do. I guess I will find out eventually! Oh and I expect that you start flying that Moldovian flag on our flagpole now that I'm going to be in Moldova again! Elder Hokkanen is actually going to be staying here in Craiova and train a new missionary!! It's pretty rare that a missionary who just got done training starts training someone else. I know he will do great though!! Elder Lex is going to stay here and be the district leader, also training a new companion and then Elder Ralph is going to go be the district leader in Constanta!! 
Another cool thing that happened yesterday was I finished reading the Book of Mormon . . . in Romanian! Yay! It took quite a while but I finally finished it! I started it like forever ago by just reading a chapter every day to help with language study. But for the past transfer or two I have been reading more chapters so that I could finish it faster. And yeah I finally finished it!! It was super awesome because after reading the whole book I decided to pray (in Romanian obviously) and ask God to give me a greater testimony about the Book of Mormon. It was a really cool experience to have finished the Book of Mormon in my mission language and then pray about it in my mission language! 
Well that's basically it for me!!! I love you all so so much!!! :)

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