Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday, June 24, 2013
Dear Family!!!
YAY!!! I actually got the email this time!! Lets see here, church was pretty good. We actually had an investigator there! The thing is though is that he lives 80 km (50 miles) outside of the city and is only in town when he has work. We actually haven't met with him for weeks because he just hasn't called us. But he called us a couple of days ago and said that he was going to come to church. And he did! But he had to leave right after and who knows if we will actually meet with him again. But yeah I just wanted to point out that we actually got an investigator at church! That hasn't happened since my whole time in being in Craiova  (FOREVER . . . FOREVER . . . that wimpy deer!!) . . . but as far as branch members go, we have the branch president and his wife. Gina (who is leaving in a couple of weeks when she is done with college) and then we have the Radulescu family. They are just an older couple (I'd say 50's or 60's) who have been members for quite a while I think. And yeah that's about it as far as members go. 
Yeah next week for sunday school we are going to watch that broadcast that you guys watched. It seems pretty good and it sounds like they are going to have missionaries use more technology and stuff.  YEAH!!!! It's actually a great idea because the internet is being used by lets see . . . EVERYONE!! 
My district is doing pretty good. My companion just got voie from the mission president to have a guitar! So he just bought a guitar today so I'll be able to listen to him play the guitar for the next little while. Elder Ralph and Lex are doing good as well. We talk with each other everyday. Since I'm the district leader I have to call the others at night to see if they made it home safe and everything. So if we don't see each other during the day we at least talk to each other on the phone at night! I'll do exchanges with them sometime in the next couple of weeks. I just got to figure out which day works the best! Speaking of exchanges, the zone leaders are going to be coming this week to have some exchanges with us here! We will see how that goes. 
Oh and something really really cool that happened this week, we were meeting with Gina (the member) because she wants to practice the missionary lessons before she heads out on her own mission. First of all, I guess I should explain to you guys that Gina is a really awesome member . . . but sometimes she has a hard time at life I guess you could say so we usually just try helping her.  Anywho so we meet with her pretty often and so we met with her on saturday. We talked a lot and then she asked if I would give her a blessing. I've given her blessings before whenever she has asked for them but for the past little while she has gone on a "no english / I hate english" type of deal. So usually the blessings I have given have been in English but I gave her one in Romanian instead. It was actually really awesome!! Afterwards I was like "Wow . . . I just did that all in Romanian" ha ha it was pretty cool if I do say so myself!

Party on Wayne! I love you all :) 

Kitty anyone?!

And I also had some more of those fried fish! But these ones didn't taste as good as the first ones I had a while ago. These ones were cold and really REALLY fishy tasting unlike the first ones I had. I think the first ones I had were freshly fried and had some lemon juice on it or something like that. 

Well here are parts of the apartment like you guys wanted! And yes . . . the bed that isn't made is mine! Guess you can't teach an old dog new tricks ;)

Well I finally remembered to take a couple of pictures of me picking some cherries!! :)

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