Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Monday, June 10, 2013
Dear Family!!
Hello everyone!! This week has gone pretty well. We found out what is going to happen for next transfer! So I'm going to stay and finish training my companion here in Craiova! We are also getting two new missionaries here in Craiova (it's about freaking time too!!) and I'm going to be the district leader! Now I'm actually going to be the leader of a district that is bigger than just my companion and I. So the other new missionaries who are coming in are Elder Ralph and Elder Lex. Elder Ralph is from my MTC group and Elder Lex is a missionary from Austria . . . or Germany. Something like that! So yeah I'm really really excited!! Yeah I should probably take more pictures . . . I haven't in a while. So I will get going on that! We are done with English for now due to transfers but in a couple weeks we will start them up again.
So this week we have been helping this member pick some cherries from his cherry tree. We have done it a couple of times this past week and we are going over to their house again after pday to help them again. I will have to remember to take some pictures while we pick some cherries!! Oh the other amazing thing that happened yesterday was that we actually got some air conditioning for the apartment!! PARTAY!!! We have been using these crappy little fans to try and blow some air on us after we get home but now we actually have some nice AC!! YAY!!
Well that's about it!! I love you all so so much!! :)

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