Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday, April 8, 2013

Well guess what!! I got the Easter package!!! The zone leaders came to Craiova for some exchanges and they had the package for me!!! So thanks for the package :) I've been giving a lot of my candy and stuff to my companion and the other elders so they all say thank you!! With all that candy, there is just no way I could eat it all by myself!!! ha ha :)

So our branch has the Branch President and his wife. They are both americans living here because the husband works for Ford and they are going to be heading back to the states at the end of this year. Then there is a small Romanian family that lives here but in the next couple of months they are going to be moving out of Craiova and are heading to Utah to live there. Then there are bout 2 or 3 other members who come to church. And then us missionaries! So really our branch is pretty small, but in the next couple of months it is going to be REALLY small ha ha so pray for us to find some people to fill in the gaps!! So for conference, Saturday night at 7 us missionaries gathered together at the Branch President's apartment and got to watch the Saturday morning of conference. Then on Sunday night we did the same thing. So really all that I have seen is the two morning sessions. So during my extra internet time during the next couple of weeks I will just have to watch all the rest of the sessions.

Yeah it's crazy how many missionaries are serving in the world right now. Lots and Lots of missionaries!! It's kinda fun to be a part of it!! And don't sweat that we didn't record me opening my mission call. I still have a pretty good memory of how it all went down! Don't think I will be forgetting that in a while! English classes are going good. Elder Davis and I are teaching the Advance class so basically we just teach in English. My Romanian is still coming. Basically I know I'm getting better and better at the language, but at the same time I realize how much I mess up and how much I still need to work on. As always, it's kind of frustrating. But hey that's life! It's really cool though be able to understand people and such. I'm definitely carrying a little book around to learn more words. And it's kind of hard to write you on an email because they use a couple of letters that we don't use. Like they have an "a" that has a little dish on the top of it and it makes a different sound than a regular "a". Plus, Maybe I will just wait until I get home so that you guys can just hear me say stuff! Or I can say a couple of things when I skype you guys in a month! 

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