Sunday, April 7, 2013

April 1, 2013

HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!! Easter was kind of fun!! Over here in Romania though, the Orthodox church doesn't celebrate Easter until like May . . . so nobody else really celebrated Easter except for us missionaries! And the Branch President here because he and his wife are from the US. The Branch President works here for Ford so they have been living here for the past little while. Speaking of the Branch, all in all there were about 12 people at church (including us 4 missionaries). So this is definitely a lot smaller than the other branches I have been in. It's fun though!! I didn't think I would like small branches at all but I actually like them a lot!
I'm glad you like the pictures! I have a couple more that I took that I need to send you. I'll probably send it once I am done with this email. So we "tried" having english class last Saturday . . . but then on all the posters that the missionaries put around the city last transfer says that classes start on Tuesday. So nobody showed up to class on Saturday! But we are hoping that we will have some students there on tuesday! So here in Craiova we basically walk everywhere, except for on P-day where we need to go across town to a store called Kaufland to go shopping. But that's basically about it! We walk around everywhere. And all in all, there are about 100 missionaries total in the whole mission here. Including Romania and Moldova. 

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