Monday, May 26, 2014

Monday, May 26, 2014
Dear Family,

Oh gosh momma!! Sooooooooo many questions!!! ha ha hmm lets see here... This week has been great. I'm feeling better, but my allergies are still terrible. Sometimes my eyes itch so bad from the allergies that I find myself scratching my eyes non-stop for a couple of minutes... basically my eyes are just red all the time ha ha I don't get why my allergies are so bad but whatever. I take allergy pills for them but it doesn't really get rid of them. My companion and I are doing great! I'm sorry for the lack of pictures... I'll try to send some later if I remember. We start english classes again tomorrow. Hopefully they turn out great. My guess is that I'll stay in Iasi till I go home, but I won't find out till the end of this transfer. We don't have any new investigators. Just Kevin and Robert. Yes momma I still write in my journal from time to time.  I'm sure it's starting to get real hot at home... it definitely is starting to get pretty hot here!! I'm starting to get a bad tan line where my shirt collar usually is ha ha again I'll try to send some pictures later for you guys!! :) I love you and miss you too momma!! 


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