Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday, May 19, 2014

Well hello there everyone!! 

Well this week has been okay. We went to transfers in Buch and I only brought my short sleeved white shirt and it turned out that there was a nice rain/storm the whole day I was there... so now I'm paying the consequences and I've gotten a cold!! And with my allergies acting up real bad!! But everything besides that is great! My new comp is pretty cool. His name is Elder Bonner. He is from Utah. The whole rest of the district is great too! So yeah I'm now 21!!!! WAAHOO!!!! I didn't really do much for my birthday at all. We just traveled back to Iasi from Buch and just sort of got settled in. I'm glad to hear that people wrote me on Facebook!! Um so of course I got my itinerary on it!!!! Ha ha nice job calling the 11:05 arrival momma!! I thought it would at least be like 7pm or something like that. Also you better make sure that we meet up with Bangerter that night!! Even if we have to stop by his house before going to In n Out!! Make sure it happens!!! That's cool that someone got their mission call to the same mission as Mitchy!! Maybe Mitchy will train the guy! Who knows?! Well I guess God does.;)  So I haven't had to speak in church for a while... but we will see what happens in the near future I guess ha ha I really do love the church here though. There are lots of great members. We aren't doing the english classes right now because the transfer just started, but we will start next week. We met up with Kevin yesterday. He isn't really progressing too much, but we are still working with him. Our other investigator Robert has all his exams this week at school so he hasn't really had time to meet up with us. We're still trying though!! 

I love all of you so so much!! :) 

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