Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tuesday, October 15, 2013
Dear Family!

Hello!!! So first of all, I found out about what is going to happen for next transfer. I'm going to be staying here in Sibiu as a zone leader and my companion is going to be Elder Covey. The living seven habits of highly effective people. I've been on exchanges with him and Elder Covey is a really nice guy and a really good missionary . . . he's just a machine. 
Hey so this week I got the halloween cards that you guys sent!! It was pretty cool getting 4 letters all at the same time!! And I must have forgotten to tell you guys that I did get the small package that you sent with the In n Out stuff from my hump day!!! I'm kind of surprised that you went out to the Rainbow Sign company to go talk with the people who saw me!! ha ha especially cause I only saw them for like a minute! I feel like they wouldn't really have a whole lot to talk about only after a minute. But hey that's still cool that you talked to them for a bit! Yeah of course she thought that Romania was the most beautiful place!!!! :)
So I had a really cool opportunity to be able to conduct a baptismal interview this past week! So the district leader companionship in Brasov (one of the cities in our zone) had someone who needed a baptismal interview so the zone leaders (meaning us!) had to go and do the interview! Since Elder Slemboski has already done an interview in the past, he let me do this one. It was actually really cool!! The guys name was Jora but for some reason I kept forgetting it during the interview so he said I could just call him John. Anywho, it was kind of cool to be able to see someone who actually wanted to become converted to the gospel and be baptized! I mean, the only convert baptism that I have seen was Elena back in my 2nd transfer in Constanta so it was nice to be able to see another person who wanted to change! 
Also since I am going to go to Bucharest this week I really hope that my halloween package will be there waiting for me!! 
I love you so so much!! :)

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