Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday, October 7, 2013
Dear Family!! 

Hello there everyone!! I hope everything is going just wonderful for you guys! This past week we basically had our zone conference and then general conference for the weekend . . . so we didn't really have a lot of time for proselyting. Today though before internet we did something that was super duper awesome for P-day!!!! We decided that we would venture out and visit the small little communities that are around Sibiu!! So we went out to the outskirts of the city, stuck out a small piece of cardboard, and stuck our hitchhiking thumbs until somebody picked us up! Hitchhiking was a pretty fun experience!! So (since you guys can google these places) the first place we hitchhiked to was called Cristian. There was this cool church around the center of the city. So we got some cool pictures of that! Then we got another Hitchhike to a small place called Orlat. We stopped there for a little bit and then started to hitchhike to our next destination when this woman in a wooden horse carriage came and picked us up!! A lot of the poorer romanians have these horse drawn carriages and I have always wanted a ride in one! So we got a ride from Orlat to Sibiel. Sibiel was awesome to visit!! Sibiel is one of the most cultural places in all of romania (meaning it has retained most of the original romanian culture). Actually all the places we visited were like that. Then after seeing the streets of Sibiel we hitchhiked to our last destination called Saliste. We just hung out there for a bit and then took our last hitchhike back to Sibiu!! It was a ton of fun! AND!!! I took some pictures!! So I will try to send them if I can!

This is a map of Elder Barney's hitchhiking adventure, seriously!?!
don't know if this is mission approved....

Yeah we were able to watch some of conference!! I watched the two sessions from Saturday and then the first session on Sunday. I still haven't seen the Priesthood session though. Oh so I guess I should tell you that we find out about transfers this week! I'm pretty sure that Slemboski is going to be leaving . . . he only has one transfer left and I don't think they would keep him as a zone leader for his last transfer. But hey I guess we will see what happens!! 
I love you all so so much!!!!

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