Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday, October 21,2013
Dear Family!!! 

Hello there!!! Well I guess first things first, this week we have had transfers. I always love going to transfers in Bucharest to be able to see and hang out with a bunch of missionaries that I usually don't get to see. Although with all the extra meetings and stuff that I have to go to, I spent more than half of last week in Bucharest! But I'm okay with that because it was all pretty fun. It started out with me and Slem traveling to Buch and then staying the night over at Elder Knapps apartment (because Elder Knapp is serving in Buch right now). It was a lot of fun staying over there. It's crazy to think that Elder Knapp is almost done with his mission!! Crazy. Then I eventually got together with Elder Covey and hung out with him for all the meetings and stuff that we had to go to as zone leaders.
It's funny that you say that shopping is boring . . . because something that I have acquired on my mission is that I . . . actually like going shopping now!! ha ha Maybe it's due to the fact that one of the common things we do on p-days is just go to the mall. Like today for example, we are going to the mall sometime today cause Covey wants to get a coat! 
Hey so I actually got the Halloween Package!! Plus!! I also got this other package thing that had a Ranger Rick magazine with some letters from the Primary kids!! I thought that was pretty cool!!! Primary kids are always the best!!
Hmm lets see what else happened this week. Oh so yesterday I gave a talk in Church!!! I did it on Scripture study.  It was funny because all during the talk I thought I was speaking really good and really getting my point out there . . . but then after sacrament meeting (one of the members) came over to me and was like "Hey your talk was pretty good . . . but here is all the things you said wrong" and then just told me about a ton of mistakes that I was making throughout my whole talk!!! Geez right when I think I'm doing great I get reminded that I keep messing up!! ha ha but hey that's how you learn right?! 
I love you so so much!! :) 

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