Sunday, January 6, 2013

January 6, 2013

So - I have had a difficult time trying to update Josh's Blog!! Nonetheless, I got some help with Kenna Barney and she let me know that I was trying to add information with the wrong email address.  So... Christmas and New Years has come and gone and Elder Barney is doing well.  Here are some of his comments we have received lately from him.  Also, I will add some pictures he has sent to us!!

December letters:
I get a chance to speak Romanian everyday, but I don't really say a whole lot because I don't really know a whole lot. It's still very difficult to talk to people. But then I just think that 6 months ago I didn't know how to say anything in Romanian and it makes me feel better about what I have learned. I have actually learned quite a lot, but I mean learning a language takes a lot more time than I thought it would. Plus I think I just need time to be able to develop what I have learned and make it better and also to learn more words and stuff.

It is super freaking cold here!!! So it is -4 degrees celsius so google tells me that is 24 degrees fahrenheit!! And that isn't including the fact that it is freaking windy out here in Constanta. So it feels a whole lot colder than that. Basically I'm freezing out here in Romania!! Not to mention that we actually got snow here in Constanta now. There was snow in Buch but till now it has just been raining here in Constanta but now there is snow on the ground. In fact, I fell on the ice today. And it is only the first day with snow and ice on the ground!! I'm probably going to be slipping quite a few times here. Hopefully I don't seriously injure myself!!! 


Christmas Time!

Elder Barney's new favorite Food!!


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